Bucket Pattern in MongoDB

Hi all,
I want to know that is MongoDB bucketing is same as we do partitioning in RDBMS or not?
i think during extracting data we use buckets in mongodb to view data in bucketed form where as in RDBMS if we insert the data it will insert it into the specified portioned.

Your same question was answer in the developer’s forum by Asya Kamsky. I repeat here the answer for the interest of the community.

That’s not how things work in MongoDB - unless you are doing an unindexed query. If you create an index on field (or fields) that you are querying by, then the index will be quickly searched and only documents matching the values you’re querying about will be fetched. This is just like regular indexes in RDMBS.

Check the complete post. and secondly the question is that can we insert data in mongodb in bucketed form? indexing is something else and bucketing is something else.
You will find me on that post. :slight_smile:

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the simple answer in one word is NO