Bringing this to your attention! from Reading Documents: Scalar Fields

I think it should be mentioned in the lectures notes that in the video when doing the find operation…you are using “mpaa”…now you need to use “Rated” to get any results…it might lead some students on a wild goose chase :slight_smile:

Hey @Talmacel_Marian-Silviu_84549

I believe you are comparing fields on documents from 2 different collections:

  1. the video.movies (mpaaRating field) from the Mongo Atlas Cluster
  2. the movieDetails collections (rated field) from your sandbox Atlas Cluster
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I think this demonstrates the problem with having two databases that are so similar, it’s often confusing which database to use, since they are both so similar. Of course at this point that would mean redoing the videos.

Hey @Robert_96060

You put a though into my mind; perhaps it was designed in such a way to make sure, as students, we are paying close attention. :wink: Maybe in a real life situation we could encounter a similar issue.

I would think that would be unlikely, unless one database is derived from the other. I’ve never personally had that case. I’m fine with paying close attention, but occasionally it’s seems unclear exactly which database we’re to use, unless you see the syntax, the mention of it can go by quickly.