BlackListing Sync Source

I ran a mongo instance as a stand alone on Linux environment and it has 5 Tb of data. After that I started replication and added two instances in replica set, data is syncing from initial stage. And I have seen the error in the member logs like below. So please suggest a solutions
Error: We are too stale to use as a sync source. Blacklisting this sync source because our last fetched timestamp is before their earliest timestamp for until : 2022-01-06T12:43:01.321+1530

Hi @Srikanth_Bommasani welcome to the community!

Have you had success in creating the replica set yet?

That message seems to imply that the secondary has fell off the oplog and cannot sync to it anymore (see Resync a Member of a Replica Set). The typical cause and fix was mentioned in the page:

A replica set member becomes “stale” when its replication process falls so far behind that the primary overwrites oplog entries the member has not yet replicated. The member cannot catch up and becomes “stale.” When this occurs, you must completely resynchronize the member by removing its data and performing an initial sync.

If the oplog is too small to cover the initial sync time, you might need to Change the Size of the Oplog. The output of rs.printReplicationInfo() should give you a hint on the time the oplog covers.

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