Binary framework with RealmSwift

Hello everyone,

I am learning on how to develop and distribute binary frameworks that are using RealmSwift SDK.

I was wondering if you could please help me with getting to know the best practises for the following case:
I would like to create a framework that is distributed as a binary and is using realm. My concern is about what is going to happen if a consuming app also decides to use Realm (older or a newer version)? From my understanding, there would be an issue with duplicate symbols if I am importing Realm as @implementation only and if a consuming app also imports Realm.

Is there any way that would allow me to import my own version of Realm into my binary framework, but would also allow a consuming app to use a different version of Realm?

I also noticed that in some cases importing Realm into a consuming app while using my framework that also imports @implementation only Realm leads to a bad access crash when I try to either initialise Realm or when I try to access an object within a database.

I would really appreciate it, if you could help me understand imports in swift a bit better and help me out with finding a solution that would allow my binary framework and an app that is using it to use different versions of Realm?

If it is not possible to use different versions of Realm, what would be the right way to ensure that a consuming app is using my version of Realm? Are there any other things that I should consider when developing my framework that is using Realm?

Thank you so much!