Billing Question

I have a M10 cluster on Mongo Atlas and when I saw my recent bill it had 3x the charges for the M10. It shows 2160 hours, but I only have 1 cluster running, with 3 nodes.

Documentation says there is no extra charge for the 3 nodes, so what could be the reason for 3x the chage for the cluster?

Hi @Faheem_Gill,

I believe what you saw is server Hours. Since the replica has 3 servers evry hour running is multiplied by 3.

However, the price per hour/month you got when you deployed the cluster is for the 3 servers so you still should pay the same amount.


Hi Pavel,

The price per hour is $0.08 which for the M10 I’m guess is okay ($0.026/hr * 3).

But there is another issue, we closed all the database connections and blocked all IPs and the network out was still showing ~60kb/s and network in at ~20kb/s.

This makes no sense if the IPs are blocked and no data is incoming and outgoing.

We are averaging 20GB/day of network internet use and our database size is only 3GB.

What could cause this?

Hi @Faheem_Gill,

I am not sure I can help out on this without having the Atlas link and investigate the cluster logs.

Blocking IPS are relevant for any new external connections but already connected connections will work.

Also there is internal replica set communication which write some dummy operations to progress optime for idle replicate as well.

Do you use any triggers or realm apps?

I also suggest that you open a support case or contact chat for specific cluster investigation.


Can I share the logs in an email?

Hi @Faheem_Gill,

Its better to open a case with our support or chat conversation.