Big issue for me help me

I did big mistake i get enrolled for M103:Basic Cluster Administration in Batch 16 Oct 2018,Which will be end on 6 Nov.2018.Even I have completed my Homework’s/quizzes on time also.The last updated progress on mine was 41%,I was eagerly waiting to complete final exam as well as remaining home works too.But,mistaken I get unregistered for this online course.

Kindly you can check my history and data related to this course,My humble request from bottom of my heart kindly resolve my issue,I want to complete this module and this batch course.Please can you restore my same record as we are working on data processing so,I think this will possible.

As,our mentor
also know as I was active participant to some of discussion related to this course.

Kindly help me.
please,kindly update me on same.

Thank you.

It’d be awesome if they could help you, but I do believe that both @Kanika and other MongoU assistants have indicated that their hands are tied: they cannot reopen chapters or lessons or labs for students. The only way is to try and make up the missing labs with the other chapters and the exam. Missing the labs for one chapter will not kill your chances of finishing the course. You can still do it :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply.But I want to share with you and all other aspirants that, If some time this happens to anyone just kindly mail to mongo university official mail they are so helping like all our mentors. They from their side re-enrolled me in M103 from where i left.
Thank you University,feeling awesome :blush:for this support!!!

Thank you for your update Nagesh! It seems that there’s a difference between what the two teams consider as the official response. Time to update their runbooks :slight_smile:

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