Best storage providers

Hello everyone. I am trying to upload my images to a 3rd storage provider. Could someone one tell me what is a best storage provider to use with MongoDB Realm. My images are about 100kb

Hi @Ciprian_Gabor,

Why not store your images in a cheap AWS S3 bucket and just store the link to it in MongoDB?



I am doing this already, storing the images inside S3 and the link to it inside MongoDB. I dont understand why it gets some time to load the images (like 1 second). In kotlin I am using like this:

Image(painter = rememberAsyncImagePainter(link))

Is there a best way to load the images from URL?

No idea :/. That’s between S3 and Kotlin then now.
Which storage option did you choose in S3? It’s cold storage but there are options in S3 to lower the cost to the detriment of access time.

Are the images stored in the same AWS region close to where you are rendering the image? Maybe it’s just the latency + download time ?


Not sure about it. I created the S3 free storage bucket.
Yes, the region is close to where I am downloading images.