Best option for small project

I’ve developed small project with around 50 users daily. Which option (shared or serverless) will be the best for this project?

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Great question! The short answer is it depends on what your requirements are for the project.

Serverless instances offer on-demand scalability and are well suited for either sparse or infrequent workloads that experience longer idle periods, or variable workloads where there may be sudden spikes in demand followed by more predictable usage - like event-driven applications. They are billed on a consumption-based pricing model, so you will only be charged based on the operations you run (more details on that here). It’s also important to note that serverless instances are currently in preview today and offer a subset of features at the moment (details here).

Shared clusters on the other hand can also be a good choice for low traffic applications with different tiers available based on your resource needs. The main difference is that shared clusters will offer a set monthly price and your scale will be capped at the tier your select, although you can always easily upgrade to a higher tier when needed.

I’d be happy to help you dig into these options further if there are additional considerations or requirements for the project that you are curious about.

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