Basic Joins, Chaptrer 2


You know what good courses do? They give you the damn syntax that you should use. Or a freaking example!!!

I have spent the last hour adding and removing quotes to try and figure out the correct syntax. The concept is not hard, it is just a damn pipeline. But y’all treat the syntax like it is some kind of national security secret, and give ZERO examples of correct syntax.

Taking a break and thinking about whether i even want to involve myself with a company that can’t even bother to see simple things. Like providing accurate solutions (last week’s glaring issue) or simple examples to build off of.

Hi @Milo_98897, what course are you referring to? You might want to edit your thread and link it to the right course so that you get an appropriate response.

Hi @Milo_98897,

I have checked your course progress and you have been doing so good throughout the course. :clap:

Please share your point of frustration along with the lab/final exam question that you find frustrating. So, that we can help you in figuring out the solution and enhancing your learning experience.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.