Basic HTTP request to use GraphQL mutation

Hello, if someone can help me :
Im not able to send basic HTTP request for mutation.
Trying to use ie.
mutation {
updateOneUser(query:{username:“tester”}, set:{password:“test1”}) {
which work in GraphiQL in Atlas console (so API exists, and syntax is ok), but Im unable to run it from CLI or Postman,
always getting this error:
"Cannot query field \"updateOneUser\" on type \"Mutation\".",
this is my Body which I send from Postman:
{"query": "mutation { updateOneUser(query: { username: \"tester\" } set: { password: \"test1\" }) { _id password username } }"}

Just to note that authorization, plain query, and all…works well…just mutation always throws an error.

Fixed, it was Rules related.

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