Basic Administration Course - Final Exam, Question2

The Question “How many directories must MongoDB have access to?” gives correct answer as 3
/data/db, /var/log, /var/pki… The question doesn’t specify what kind of access…
Unless otherwise specified, I believe it’s not incorrect to assume the Parent folder of a Child folder (all 3 here) should at least have execute access permission in place for the process to be able to access the child folder(s). in that case we should also consider the parent folder (/data, /var) access permissions for this answer, which should be 3+2=5; But this isn’t present as an option.

Requesting co-ordinators and other respected members to kindly advise on this.


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I can see that you have successfully completed your M103 course. Congratulation. :clap:

In response to the problem statement - MongoDB will be able to access

  • the data directory /data/db/,

  • the log file mongod.log in /var/log/, and

  • the keyfile keyflie in /var/pki/ according the input from the config file. :sparkles:

In addition to these directories, it will also access the /tmp directory, but according to the question statement, we are not considering it. So the correct answer would be 3.

Note: If MongoDB is able to access the sub-folder then it’s absolutely understandable that it is accessing the parent folder of that, so it is not countable in that sense.

I hope this clears your doubt.
If you still have any questions feel free to reach out. We would be happy to help you out.



Thanks @Kushagra_Kesav .

Just a little suggestion for us to consider, if we can also include the instruction; “parent folders of actual accessed folders need not be counted”, then I believe it will be helpful for people like me who tries to read deep in the questions. and interpret it right :slight_smile:

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I will forward your suggestion to our curriculum engineers to take this under consideration.