Bash: mongo: command not found - already set the path as well

Hi, I’m pretty sure something is wrong with my path but I’ve already set the bin location into the Path using the edit system environment variables. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Please check whether mongo.exe available under your mongo/bin
As per latest versions it will be mongosh

For some reason I have only mongod and mongos. I thought yo myself why I don’t have mongo.exe in the file as well. Should I reinstall?

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Frost_Bi !

The legacy mongo shell is deprecated as of MongoDB 6.0 and replaced by the new MongoDB Shell (mongosh).

On Linux platforms mongosh should automatically be installed with MongoDB 6.0 or newer packages.

For Windows you will need to download and install mongosh separately: MongoDB Shell Download | MongoDB.

As far as the University courses go, you should be able to use either mongo or mongosh, but the course videos will currently be referencing mongo.