BadChangeSet Error: failed to validate upload changesets: ProtocolErrorCode=212

Hello everyone,

I am new to MongoDB Realm, however had some experience with MongoDB.

Before any comments about the same problem, I already have been to all discussions and nothing have helped me yet.

I have consulted these discussions:

But sadly, either the mentioned solutions doesn’t work for me or I am not able to understand those.

I am currently using Realm in Nodejs. I have partition key as restroName while activating sync. But constantly I keep getting 212 error while I connect using:

const realm = new Realm({

failed to validate upload changesets: SET instruction had incorrect partition value for key “restroName” (ProtocolErrorCode=212)

When i try to use partionValue: “anything”, it gives:

user does not have permission to sync on partition (ProtocolErrorCode=206)

So I assume it needs to be the on the partitionValue but I want to store data in the realms with restroName.

Also I always clear the realm data (wipe it) before I make changes.

I hope I can get help.

What version of realm-js are you using? What do the server-side logs say? What does your sync configuration look like?

For permissions you can take a look at this doc -

I am using realm-js version 10.0.1.
The server log says


failed to validate upload changesets: SET instruction had incorrect partition value for key "restroName" (ProtocolErrorCode=212)

Write Summary:
  "item": {
    "inserted": [
    "deleted": [
node.js vRealmJS/10.0.1
Platform Version:

I see the problem here because I have the partition key as restroName and instead I gave partition value my
When I set the partition key as _id, I receive the error:

attempted to bind on illegal realm partition ("\"5fbe16ffa476d2d81049ef6d\""): expected partition to have type objectId but found string (ProtocolErrorCode=204)

I have set the id as BSON.objectId, then I get this:


Ending session with error: user does not have write access to partition (ProtocolErrorCode=206)
  "Session was active for: 1s"

Session Metrics:
  "downloads": 1
node.js vRealmJS/10.0.1
Platform Version:

I have tried my best to do everything I found on other discussions.
Ok, here is the real deal.
I would like to create a Realm App where the users who work in the same restaurant can read and write the data.
For this I configured partition key in RealmSync as “restroName”.
Then for permissions, where I think I messed up, I set permission as users can read and write their own data.

  "%%partition": ""

The errors when I change the partition key are mentioned above.
What would be the best thing for me to do? Should I make custom authentication function and store restroName in Atlas and set permissions as “%%partition”: “%%user.customData.restroName”. I am currently trying to do so but I think that won’t help either.
Please guide me through it, I think I am misunderstanding some things in the documentation.

@Maneez_Paudel If I understand your use case correctly then yes I would set the partitionKey as the restaurant name and use custom user data as a way to store which restaurants a user has access to. You can see an example of this here which uses projects instead of restaurants -

You’re on the right path with the permissions expression but it is flipped - see here:

Thanks @Ian_Ward, I already did so, and it worked using the custom data

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