Bad State error when trying to open realm in realm studio

I can connect to the database programmatically but getting the following error when trying to open it in realm studio:

2020-03-18 10_46_15-Realm Object Server_

Any idea why is this happening and how could I solve it?

Best Regards,

Hi Andrea,

To ensure we’re not overlooking a detail, what version of Realm Studio are you using here?

Hi Kraen,

I’m also having this problem running v3.1.0 of Realm Studio. Has this problem been investigated?

In case this helps the status in the top right of the window bounces between green, yellow and red;

Is anyone investigating this problem - I have raised a support ticket for it with no response. It has now been 3 days since I was last able to access any data!

Hi @Raymond_Brack,

I don’t see an open support case, but will follow up directly for more details.


Following is the content of an email I sent to 3 days ago;

We had an account with Realm prior to Mongo buying them out but don’t appear able to raise a support ticket. Logging in with my credentials didn’t display our current account and when attempting to raise a support ticket I was prompted to upgrade to a paid account.

We are currently having the same problem as documented here Bad State error when trying to open realm in realm studio and need this issue to be resolved ASAP.

Hi Raymond,

The Support Operations team handles access issues to support systems, but does not work on support cases. However, I expect you should have received a reply by now so I will follow up on that. In this situation I expect the support operations team would direct you as below.

If you are a legacy Realm Cloud customer without a support subscription, you can raise operational questions via Please note that this legacy support portal is scheduled to be decommissioned on Sept 7, 2020.

Opening cases on the MongoDB Support Portal requires a support subscription. You should have received at least one email with more information on this upcoming transition, but please see Converting your Realm Cloud Subscription to Atlas Developer.

If you suspect a bug in Realm Studio, you can also report this directly as a GitHub issue: realm/realm-studio. Since you are a Realm Cloud user, I would contact the support team for initial investigation as this may be an issue with your deployment rather than Realm Studio.