Bad Changeset (UPLOAD) - code 212

Hi All,

I’m getting errors as follows:

[ 'Open Error - session', Session {} ]
  'Open Error - error',
    name: 'Error',
    message: 'Bad changeset (UPLOAD)',
    isFatal: true,
    category: 'realm::sync::ProtocolError',
    code: 212,
    userInfo: {}
  'Open Error - partition',

My team report that these errors are happening without changes to any code relating to the pertinent schema.

  • We are not in developer mode
  • The schema has not been changed either on cloud config or client side
  • We have deleted local realms to ensure no stale data on client side

@Ian_Ward - if you need to review the logs for this - errors can be found between Nov 02 11:00:00+11:00 and Nov 02 13:00:00+11:00



In attempting to progress with work - we terminated sync and reinitialized it and this seems to solve the issue.
No other changes were made.

I can provide further info if required.


@Benjamin_Storrier Sure, you want to email me your cloud web URL? the one you are using to view the realm web dashboard?