Backup using Ops Manager


I am getting the following error when I try to start back-up using the ops manager. Could please help me?
We’re sorry, an unexpected error has occurred

Also, please let me know the time taken for a backup of 100 GB of a database in ops manager vs mongodump.

Your help would be appreciated. Please help me.

Anyone please help me with the error message with OPS manager.

Hi @Jitender_Dudhiyani,

The “unexpected error has occurred” message in the web interface indicates there has been an error, but you’ll have to review the Ops Manager logs to find more details.

Ops Manager does continuous backups, which is a different approach from mongodump. The initial backup time may be similar because all data has to be backed up, but the ongoing impact of Ops Manager will be significantly less. I’m not aware of any reference times for backing up data, as this is highly dependent on your deployment and infrastructure.

Please note that Ops Manager is licensed as part of a MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscription, which includes commercial support. Per the MongoDB Customer Agreement you accept before downloading Ops Manager, you can use the software for evaluation and development purposes but this does not include any support.