Azure Private Endpoint not working with Mongodb Atlas


We are having some technical difficulties regarding implementing a Network Access, namely connecting an M10 instance(standard RS - single region cluster - eastus) with a Private Endpoint:

We created yesterday a private endpoint on our part using the official Mongodb Atlas instructions, but the connection is not established, namely it is not approved on your part via the private link services that is created on your end(in Azure).
We have already talked with Microsoft Support regarding this issue, and they said that the end that created the PLS(Private link service) must approve the respective connection(and thus the connection is made to our private endpoint in azure).

From what we understood, the flow is:

  • Create the private endpoint on our azure subscription(using the instructions from the portal)

  • On the mongodb atlas end, a private link service is created

  • The PLS(Private link service) must be approved and thus creating the peering connection. → this is where we encounter the issues

The error on the mongodb atlas portal is

Private Endpoint with id /subscriptions/000/resourcegroups/lorem-ipsum/providers/ was not found. Click ‘Edit’ to fix the problem.

I can confirm that the private endpoint is still present in our azure subscription.

Also, we tried contacting support via the Live chat but unfortunately, they are responding extremely slow :frowning:

Are we missing something?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I figured it out.

Even tough the azure web portal presents the resourceID with small letters, its actually case sensitive, and has some capital letters:


I obtained the correctly formatted endpoint via Resources - Get By Id - REST API (Azure Resource Management) | Microsoft Learn

This was extremely frustrating to figure it out, thus please either consult with Microsoft to update the resource ID they are showing in the azure web portal, or point it out in the mongodb atlas portal at the walkthrough steps.

Thank you

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Thanks for providing the solution for this topic Alex and also the feedback regarding the case sensitivity.