Awk '{print $14}'

In the command used: logPath=$(ps -ef | grep mongo | grep 30000 | awk ‘{print $14}’)
awk prints the 14th field of every line in mongod.log or mongos.log, but what’s in the 14th field if I may ask??

As the variable name indicates it is storing logPath
What do you see in your ps -ef|grep mongo|grep 3000 output

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There are only 16 fields (8 key-value pairs) in the output (see below).
How is the logpath value located in the 14th field?

vagrant@m312:~$ ps -ef | grep mongo | grep 30000

vagrant 2132 1 13 18:02 ? 00:01:05 mongod --replSet m312RS --dbpath /home/vagrant/data/m312RS/rs1/db --logpath /home/vagrant/data/m312RS/rs1/mongod.log --port 30000 --fork --wiredTigerCacheSizeGB 0.3

How you are getting 16 fields?
Not clear what you meant by value pair.We are not checking any json doc
Start counting from vagrant.The 14th field is logpath


YES, it is the 14th!!!
Thank you.

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