Autocomplete search returns more precise results if a search query is wrapped in double quotes

the index definition

  "mappings": {
    "dynamic": false,
    "fields": {
      "fullName": [
          "foldDiacritics": false,
          "maxGrams": 7,
          "minGrams": 3,
          "tokenization": "edgeGram",
          "type": "autocomplete"

the search query

  index: 'usersAutocomplete',
  autocomplete: {
    path: 'fullName',
    query: '"bogdan"',
    fuzzy: {
      maxEdits: 2,
      prefixLength: 0,
      maxExpansions: 50

For query query: '"bogdan"' i’m getting 5 users that matches the query very well.
For query query: 'bogdan' i’m getting more than 20 users, some of then don’t match the query well.
So my question, how double quotes affects the searching behavior?

Hi @Bohdan_Zagursky, it’s a good question. It really comes down to how your data looks. You might benefit from executing the query as a compound query where the autocomplete is one should clause and there is a phrase query as a should clause as well.

compound docs