auto-complete for function editor

I have been learning about Mongodb Realm for few days. The more I am learning the more becoming fan of this platform. I really love how easy it is to build GraphQL API and connect with third-party services.

As I am a mobile developer and have little experience with javascript and node js, I find it hard to write javascript functions for custom resolvers and webhook.

It would be very nice and easy if I get auto-complete inside the function editor. By this, I can easily know what is available to me.

Is there any plan to add auto-complete to the function editor for MongoDB Realm?

Hey there - no immediate plans for this feature, however writing functions locally in a Javascript friendly editor (e.g. VSCode) might be helpful here. We’re also in the process of revamping our CLI and releasing in the near future, which should make local development with Realm a bit smoother.

If you’d like to request typeahead in the UI editor, we monitor our Uservoice forum quite closely