Authorization error on loading

PFA Screenshot.
Error on executing load command.2020-03-23 (1)

You need to be connected to your private Sandbox cluster that you created on Atlas.

I am. I believe it is under maintenance.

You shouldn’t get an authorisation error if that’s the case. Share the uri including a username and password and I’ll test it.

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Hi @Saumitra_33117,

As @007_jb mentioned, you are most likely connected to the class atlas cluster.

No, your personal sandbox cluster is not under maintenance. The Routine Maintenance Alert was for the class atlas cluster.

Please provide the information requested by @007_jb.

~ Shubham

It’s the default.

userid/password can be default uri cannot be.It is unique to each user
Please share uri(connect string ) you used to connect to mongodb as requested by 007_jb

I apologize.
I thought screenshot contained the URI.
I believe I used the default cluster uri specified by the cloud platform.
Do you not share information among teams?

People are making a lot of typos when entering URI, directory path etc… That’s why we ask you to copy what you enter. We want to make sure you did not made any errors.

I think you are confused with Class and Sandbox cluster
What is default cluster uri?
Class cluster is common for everyone but Sandbox cluster uri is your own
We want you to share that since you are confident you connected to sandbox
There is no harm in sharing it.You can always change the password later

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