Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting plus much more

I have been needing to learn about all that is covered in this course for a while now. This is wonderful to know. It is well taught and I learned so much that I didn’t know about before attending. The differences between Authentication and Authorisation have baffled me before but the instruction in this course is great and really clarified things for me. “Ok, so who are you now? Ok now that I know that’s you, what do want to look at? Is this Jason Nutt? Well sure, you can read write update and delete whatever you want because you have ultimate authority. Oh, it’s just you, random user? Well, you ain’t allowed to look at that , well ok, you CAN look but don’t write on it or be deleting stuff, just read it!” And I didn’t have any prior teaching on Accounting and/or auditing but that is fascinating to me as well. I am back tracking but starting back with basic administration after my break. :lab_coat: :green_book: :abacus: :mobile_phone_off: :blue_heart: My proof of completion certificate!

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