Attribute Patern Lab - Got wrong answer message for correct answer

I got wrong answer message even when the validation passed and I had posted right answer three times.

looking at the thread ** Validation code not accepted**


you probably ran:

validate_m320 example --file pattern_attribute.json

instead of:

validate_m320 pattern_attribute --file pattern_attribute.json

Note the name of the lab as the first argument.
This is because “example” uses the same solution as “pattern_attribute”.
We are fixing this for the next class.


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:slight_smile: Congrats as soon as changed example to pattern_attribute. Thanks

I had the same issue, i used the code validate_m320 example --file pattern_attribute.json from the previous lesson with example instead of pattern_attibute but correctly set the k and v values.

I guess nothing can be done with the score now?

I had the same issue submitting the first attempt with “example”.

I passed the second attempt thanks to this discussion threat!

Thank you all!