“Attempted to use Snappy compression, but Snappy is not installed” on Ubuntu VPS

I have set up a new VPS via Digital Ocean and have installed MongoDB V4.2.8 on an Ubuntu server 18.04 release as per the official Mongo documentation. I’m using Compass version 1.21.2.

I have managed to bind the inbound and outbound IP addresses as well as configure the admin account for the database. However, when attempting to contact the database through Compass I am receiving the error

"An error occurred while loading navigation: Attempted to use Snappy compression, but Snappy is not installed. Install or disable Snappy compression and try again. "

A screenshot of the error is below:

As a shot in the dark, I then went an installed the snappy package from npm both on my local machine and on the server but this hasn’t helped.

However, I am able to access the database without any issues with Robo 3T. Additionally, I am able to access both localhost and Mongo Atlas databases with Compass without this error appearing.

Anything I can do to fix this?

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