AtlasLocalDev Error "userCommand.indexes[0].mappings" is required

Hello guys, i had created a Mongo Atlas to run locally using a compose like this:

name: api
    name: api
    image: mongodb/atlas
    hostname: mongo-atlas
    container_name: api-mongo-atlas
    ports: [ "${MONGO_PORT}:${MONGO_PORT}" ]
    networks: [ "api" ]
    privileged: true
    command: "bash -c '\
      atlas deployments setup \
        --type local \
        --bindIpAll \
        --port ${MONGO_PORT} \
        --username ${MONGO_USERNAME} \
        --password ${MONGO_PASSWORD} \
        --force && tail -f /dev/null'"
      test: [ "CMD", "mongosh", "--host", "localhost", "--port", "${MONGO_PORT}", "-u", "${MONGO_USERNAME}", "-p", "${MONGO_PASSWORD}", "--eval", "db.stats()" ]
      interval: 10s
      timeout: 5s
      retries: 20

When I enter in container and try create an collection with Search Index this error appear:

$ docker exec -it opus-mongo-atlas bash
[root@mongo-atlas /]# mongosh mongodb://${MONGO_USERNAME}:${MONGO_PASSWORD}@localhost:${MONGO_PORT}/?directConnection=true
Current Mongosh Log ID: 663287073bde1bfd612202d7
Connecting to:          mongodb://<credentials>@localhost:27017/?directConnection=true&serverSelectionTimeoutMS=2000&appName=mongosh+2.2.5
Using MongoDB:          7.0.9
Using Mongosh:          2.2.5

For mongosh info see:

AtlasLocalDev rs-localdev [direct: primary] test> use db
switched to db db
AtlasLocalDev rs-localdev [direct: primary] db> db.createCollection("keys");
{ ok: 1 }
AtlasLocalDev rs-localdev [direct: primary] db> 
AtlasLocalDev rs-localdev [direct: primary] db> db.getCollection('keys').createSearchIndex({
...    name: "keys_fullTextSearch",
...    definition: {
...       organizationName: {type: "string"},
...       permissions: {type: "string"}
...    }
... });
MongoServerError[UnknownError]: "userCommand.indexes[0].mappings" is required
AtlasLocalDev rs-localdev [direct: primary] db> 

Why when I use MongoDB Compass with the same connection it’s works but when I tried using a mongosh script they don’t? I need create a minimal environment structure using scripts to manage migrations between development environment and production. Someone can help me plz? :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

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I am running into this same situation. Were you able to resolve it?

unfortunately i can’t solve…