Atlas vector search

Hi I wanted to check if vector search powered by Atlas search stores the embeddings in memory or disk?
Also do i need to load collection in memory before i want to query it if it stores the data in disk?

Hi @Piyush_Sinha1 and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

Could you help me understand what do you refer by in disk and the in memory?

The following blog post would help you to understand further on how Vector Search works.

Also, it would be help if you could elaborate on the statement in more detail?


Hey @Piyush_Sinha1, to clarify a bit, embeddings are stored inside of your documents which are on disk. A Vector Search Index that is built on top of those embeddings are stored/persisted on disk as well, but when you execute a Vector Search query that index is brought into memory. For the best performance you will want to have enough memory free to bring the entire index into memory.