Atlas UI experience is broken after trying to upload base64 values

I have an app that allows image uploads. I have a longer term solution to store them in a place (like S3) but to test the feature I uploaded less than 30MB of base64 strings to a mongo instance, under a user document.

Now, my login hangs for ~10s when trying to access that page in Atlas browse collections, and when it does load, it omits the document containing those base64s. I can’t see it.

If there is a data limit, that’s fine (though can it be something reasonable like 1GB?), in any case can Atlas please respond with an error instead of making the record unusable/inaccessible? I can’t view the record now in Atlas, and when accessing this database there is always a long delay (presumably to load those base64s in that document).

I might have to clone the record in the CLI except for those base64s then re-create it in Atlas, then delete the problematic one. I will edit this post if deleting/re-creating doesn’t work.

I wanted to bring this to the attention of Atlas though because it seems like a problem that should be fixed.

Deleting the one containing the <1MB base64 strings solved the slowness. I realized it had nothing to do with the 30MB of space being used, simply adding 1 base64 string, even one that is under 1MB, to a document causes this issue.

The only bug to report is: When a document has base64 strings, even small ones, it just doesn’t appear in Collections anymore, but is still counted in the total document count. The only solution seems to be deleting the document in the CLI.

Well - now I’m able to upload base 64 strings again, so maybe it was a temporary outage.

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