Atlas sample data is not loaded correctly?

Hello, I believe that I have a problem with the sample data; my answers are never correct, and even after checking out the correct answer and trying it out, I do not get the same answer! I should mention that it isn’t my first time doing these courses and I am well aware of MongoDB and aggregation pipelines.

one example is Chapter 2: Basic Aggregation - Utility Stages Lab: Using Cursor-like Stages, then I copied and pasted the answer from MongoDB and I still get the wrong answer! I get “Up in the Air”

You may be using wrong db.
Please check your first lesson again
You are suppose to use aggregations db under class cluster(with substring jxeeq)


I don’t remember how it was when I took the course, but you are correct; something is wrong.

I check the answer and it is clearly off by 5 documents. the result should be the 20th one. it is as if someone changed the number but forgot to change the answers.

I checked the lecture and actually your pipeline is correct but you are running on the wrong database :slight_smile:

What you get is true for the sample database we can load to a new cluster.

But M121 uses a readonly database for the purposes of the course. It easy to miss this requirement. Use the connection string below (it is given in Chapter 0: Introduction and Aggregation Concepts - Atlas Requirement)

mongo "mongodb://,," --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl -u m121 -p aggregations --norc
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yeah I went back to it and I found out that I was doing that mistake, I know it is mentioned in the course but I believe the database name or something should be a little different, the database name and the dataset is almost the same… tbh I thought something was wrong with my cluster or something ^^’