Atlas peering between cloud providers?

I currently have an AWS backed atlas cluster peered to instances in AWS working fine. I’ve just added a peering connection to a VPC in GCP from this same cluster but I can’t get my instances to connect - it resolves the public IP which I don’t want. Adding -pri to the address just times out.

The peering connection shows available, and I see the routes populated over in GCP…

Anybody manage to make this work? Is this even a supported use case?

Hi Adam,

Apologies for the confusion here: The peering only applies to the cluster in the same cloud provider. So for example if you deployed a cluster in that Project that was on GCP then it could leverage that peering connection from GCP.

In order to connect from one cloud to an Atlas cluster in another, public IP whitelisting must be used. Note that Atlas requires end to end TLS (encryption over the wire).