Atlas no longer returns rows to op_query without a filter

I’m running a free tier Atlas 5.0.9 replica set cluster and I used to be able to query the collections using op_query with no filter. As of a few days ago, attempting this returns no records(I can see the empty results returned in the network trace). If I add a simple filter to the op_query request then rows are returned. Did something change in Atlas recently?
I know op_query is deprecated and I am planning to switch to op_msg, but was there some change on the Atlas server which caused this change in behavior?

Hi @Brian_Derwart welcome to the community!

Since op_query is deprecated and will be removed in future MongoDB version, I think this is an excellent time for you to update the code you have :slight_smile:

Did something change in Atlas recently?

Yes Atlas is constantly evolving and changing, although what exactly changed in the op_query front, I’m not really sure. My suggestion is it’s best to move to op_msg sooner rather than later since this will be the supported one moving forward, and will avoid any future issues with using op_query.

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