Atlas failing to create shared cluster

I’m trying to create a shared cluster (M0 Sandbox), but when I click through the “Build a Cluster” menu, I am taken to my list of clusters, which is empty. Viewing the project activity feed, no cluster creation event is listed.

I have tried two different methods:

"Build a Cluster" -> Create Shared Cluster -> Loading screen -> Empty list of clusters
"Build a Cluster" -> Advanced Creation Options -> Under "Cluster Tier", select "M0 sandbox" -> immediately redirected to empty list of clusters.

Edit: method 2 also redirects to empty cluster list when selecting any other shared cluster tier, but not when selecting a dedicated cluster tier.

Edit 2: Issue seems to have resolved itself after waiting 1 hour and refreshing webpage.

Hi Delta, I’m very sorry to hear this happened to you: we’ve never seen an issue like this before. Out of curiosity, what browser are you using?