Atlas cluster connection string New and Deprecated Issue

I am currently using the latest mongodb shell and compass .I tried to connect to atlas with the latest string but it fails and only works with the deprecated edition.
New string(4.4) - mongo “mongodb+srv://"
Old String(3.4 or earlier) - mongo "mongodb://sandbox-shard-00-00.,sandbox-shard-00-01.,sandbox-shard-00-02.*” --ssl --authenticationDatabase admin
Please help me why is it not connecting with the new string. I have enabled public acess and whitelisted ip as well.

What error are you getting with SRV string?
Please show screenshot
Does it work from shell?
Are you using the correct string which you got from your Atlas

It doesn’t work from shell or compass. I am using the deprecated one to connect as the new srv throws the error above even after I have already whitelisted all IPs.

Here I use the deprecated one

Capture333 Compass timesout with the following output

All these SRV Strings are generated by mongo atlas website by using the connect button and selecting the versions of client. I am using the latest versions of shell and compass yet unable to connect with latest srv strings. Please give me an idea about the error so I may fix it.

It may be firewall issue
Did you try from alternate location or different internet like your mobile hotspot
Make sure no invalid characters while pasting the command

Looking at your first post the connect string does not appear to be of proper SRV format
When you click new connection in Compass it is populated with an example connect string
Your connect string should be something similar to that
Try this:

Also from your connect string it appears you are using mongodb university Sandbox cluster
Try to post in University forum.You can get more help there