Atlas Autocomplete Search

Hi, I am trying the atlas search. Facing some unexpected behavior. Like I want to search zip code, I write this piece. Then I run the script to execute the query 3000 times so that I can check its performance.

{ $search: { index: “zipcode_search”, “autocomplete”: { “path”: “searchKey”, “query” } } }

In comparison to the above query. I write this query also. So that I can compare how much-indexed search is better than traditional searches.

` {` `                $match: {` `                    $or: [` `                        { zipcode: { $regex: '^' + data, $options: "si" } },` `                        { city: { $regex: '^' + data, $options: "si" } }` `                    ]` `                }` `            }`

But the results are totally opposite to what I thought.

The traditional query works way better than the indexed one. Both of them are giving results.

I don’t know, why this is happening?

Is my index working in the indexed search query or not, How can I confirm? Or am I doing something work here?

The number of documents examined by the $search query is 0 and the other query examined 299 documents there is a total of 42000 documents in the zipcode collection and there is an index on zip code and city.

The avg execution time of $search query is higher than $match query.

When $search query is running then load on zipcode collection goes up to 100%. But on $match load goes up to 10%.

It’s hard to say without seeing an example document, know what you are searching on, and knowing the index definition. Do you mind sharing?

Also this is a nice blog comparing when to use regex vs. search which may be relevant.