Atlas App Services Pricing - Users and Auth

Hii, I can see the Atlas App pricing in this link but this does not mention the pricing for users on App Services.

Suppose I build an app and have Email/Pass or Google Auth configured, whats the pricing for 10k users signing up on my app? How are these calculated?

Hi @Harshit @henna.s , can you tag relevant people please?

Hi @shrey_batra

I believe it’s best to use this contact form to obtain the information you’re looking for, since we don’t really have visibility into how these things are calculated :slight_smile:

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Hi @shrey_batra – We don’t charge for users or authentication today (it’s included for free within the platform) which is why this is not called out within our billing documentation. However it’s worth noting that we’re not trying to provide a full-featured identity management platform and for more advanced features you may still want to integrate something like Cognito, Auth0, or AAD via our JWT authentication provider.

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