AsyncOpen wrapped in a Promise not returning anything

I’m now attempting to open a read only realm, and if it opens, use that information in my app.

When someone enters a code to join a hunt, I am trying to open a realm that uses the huntCode in the partition:

do {
      try await(RealmManager.shared.openHuntRealm(huntCode: self.huntCode))
    } catch {

Here is the openHuntRealm function:

func openHuntRealm(huntCode: String) -> Promise<Bool> {
    return Promise { resolver in
      if  let user = {
        let partition = "hunt=" + huntCode
        Realm.asyncOpen(configuration: user.configuration(partitionValue: partition),
                        callback: { result in
                          switch result {
                          case .success(let realm):
                            self.huntRealm = realm
                            self.huntToJoin = self.huntRealm.objects(Hunt.self).first
                            print("got here")
                          case .failure(let error):
                            print("Failed to open realm: \(error)")
      } else {

Before implementing AwaitKit and PromiseKit, I just tried to open the Realm, it would open and print the “got here” if it found the hunt. However, that was happening too late, so I need to await the callback.

The problem is that this just hangs. It should print “got here” or “Failed to open realm: …”, but neither is happening.

Maybe this is a bug? I just can’t figure out why it wouldn’t work when the code exists or when the code is wrong.