Async user interface driven writes and notification tokens

Hi! I as part of migrating to Atlas from a local database I am updating the app to do write transactions off the main thread.

One issue I have is that when I do user interface driven writes, I need to be able to do that asynchronously without notifying the the NotificationToken that I am using to listen for changes. Is there a way to do this?

The following does not work and will crash as you can’t ignore notification tokens on other threads.

func writeAsync<T: ThreadConfined>(obj: T, errorHandler: @escaping ((_ error: Swift.Error) -> Void) = { _ in return }, onComplete: ((T?) -> Void)? = nil, withoutNotifying:[NotificationToken] = [], block: @escaping ((Realm, T?) -> Void)) {
          let wrappedObj = ThreadSafeReference(to: obj)
          let config = self.configuration
          DispatchQueue(label: "background").async {
              autoreleasepool {
                  do {
                      let realm = try Realm(configuration: config)
                      let obj = realm.resolve(wrappedObj)

                      try realm.write(withoutNotifying: withoutNotifying) {
                          block(realm, obj)
                  } catch {

What would be the right way to achieve async user interface driven writes without notifying the notification token on the main thread?

Anyone know how to do this?

Just saw the new AsyncWrite API:s. I think the new API:s may make this a non-issue :slight_smile: