ASW cluster for MongoDB 3.6 support how long available

Hi Team, We used MongoDB 3.6 long back in our project. Now We are planning to move aws documentdb (SaaS) mongodb supported and I see there is support for 3.6 as well by aws but have question, Till what time AWS is going to support MongoDB version 3.6?

Hey @Pankaj_Tiwari1,

DocumentDB uses the MongoDB 3.6 wire protocol, but there are a number of functional differences and the supported commands are a subset of those available in MongoDB 3.6.

If you have questions or concerns related to AWS DocumentDB, I recommend asking on Stack Overflow or an AWS product community.

In case you want to use a managed MongoDB service on AWS, MongoDB Atlas builds on the MongoDB Enterprise server and does not require compatibility workarounds.

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Hi Kushagra, Thanks for response. will post over aws community link shared by you.