Assignment due dates are predated

Assignment due dates are pre dated, how can I submit my assignments ? Since I register for all classes, their due dates were projected for a week run, but unfortunatelly I register for all classes together.

is it possible to unregister me, so that I can reregister and get started and for the courses that are half way, let me know what are my options, TIA

Hi @mdb_user,

You can always unregister for any course you are signed up and re-register for it. Now we have always-on courses which means every course will have new offering starting every Tuesday 17:00 UTC.

Unregister a Course:


  • Go to “My Courses”
  • Under the row for the course you want to unregister, there is “Unregister Course” link on bottom right side.

Re-register a Course:


  • Go to home page, select the course
  • Click on Register. If you don’t want to enrol in the current session, please wait till next Tuesday and there will be new offering starting.