Asking recommended book, study guide and class

I feel the most difficult part for this class is the Ticket. If do not look for the on-line discussion, I have no way to figure out the solution in the programming code. If I want to learn and understand programming method, especially for this mFlix code (Node.js for MongoDB with JS), do you have any recommended class, book or study guide? I need such study guide for beginners. I hope some class, book or study guide can teach how to write and understand the code similar to this mFlix package from the beginner level. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @Qi.Chen

All I can offer is if you want to discuss we can team up. I’m starting that course too. :slight_smile:

Also, as a pre-start strategy, I’m building a very simple app with 2 input boxes and a login system. IMHO, that’s how you get use to the structure of relatively complex projects, by building simpler ones first.

Thank you so much for your help and information. I am looking for a study guide or books teaching MongoDB Node.js programming with JavaScript, especially for the similar programming guide similar with the code used for mflix demo web site. I am new in this field. I need to learn. Thank you.