ASAP Please help me cancel/refund my wrong subscription

Dear anyone,
I sent ticket but got no replies yet (#5870 #5875)
I have fill in my personal credit card and would not be refund from my company
They told me to use company credit card. I would like to get a refund and continue with my enterprise account

Sincerely yours,

Thank you for doing great platform

@Ph_m_Quan Both tickets were filed within the last 24 hours; someone should reply shortly.

I merged the second ticket into #5870; it is best to keep related discussion on the same ticket to avoid confusion.


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Thank for quick response.
Btw I would like to know if I should use Realm Cloud now to build new project or just wait for MongoDb Realm. I used to use Realm long time ago. But now it has changed a lot.

If you need a sync solution in the short term, use Realm Cloud.

MongoDB Realm is still in development, but you can check out the MongoDB Realm Roadmap for updates and subscribe to be notified when a public beta is available.

Per the public roadmap, we ultimately expect to offer an automated or guided migration from Realm Cloud to MongoDB Realm.


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