Array operators lab 2

hi I need help im stuck this is the command I keep trying to run for the 2nd lab of the array operators but it keeps giving me syntax error for property type and im not sure why any help is appreciated

db.listingsAndRevies.find({ “property_type”: {“House”},“amnities”: {“changing table”}}).count()

A query is a JSON document and must follow the same syntax.

Assuming the values are strings, it is

{ "Name_of_first_field" : "Value_of_first_field" , "Name_of_another_field" : "Value_of_another_field" }

okay so I don’t need brackets then for house and changing table then

this is what its telling me now im am doing really bad with arrays right now

never mind figured out what I did wrong lol

db.listingsAndReviews.find({ “property_type”: “House”, “amenities”: “Changing table”}).count()

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