Array of different subdocument schemas?

I’m building a wiki with versioning system similar to Wikipedia and GitHub, based on Change streams.

Depending on the user action, it may result of one or more changes to a single or multiple _history collections. (we’re implement something like Type 4 of the Slowly Changing Dimension pattern).

I’m planning to create an audit_logs collection to keep track changes as a unit (analogous to a git merge request). In each document, there’s an array of one or more change event documents.

In the example below, if someone adds a new user to the system, it results in a change in the profile and the account collection, both of which have different schemas.

Is it a common practice to embed documents with different schemas in an array?

audit_logs collection
      editedBy: new Binary(Buffer.from("a927c2893cc64963b67f560c81a5dffa", "hex"), 4),
      operation: 'addNewUser',
      _id: new ObjectId("62dd9815b11c3e3e3d01a41c"),
      createdAt: 2022-07-24T19:05:57.855Z,
      changes: [
               // 'profile' fullDocument captured by event stream
               // 'account' fullDocument captured by event stream 

Initially, I tracked changes to profile and account in 2 separate _history collections but joining 3 collections with lookup is getting a bit out of hand or if we want to rollback a change.

It all depends of your use-cases. I think that for your situation it is indeed a very good way to implement your requirements.

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