Are We Expected To Linux commands?

Hello. I’m a Microsoft Windows guy (I can feel the love already). Are we expected to have a foundation knowledge of Linux and the various commands. Just completed the question Lab - Change the Default DB Path. It used the phrase:
Using what you know about the configuration file and Linux user groups, please complete the following:

  • create a new folder /var/mongodb/db/ and allow mongod to write files to this directory
    • create this directory with sudo, because /var is owned by root
    • use chown to change the owner of this directory to vagrant:vagrant

So i’ve watched the tutorials and at no point can i recall them advising who to manipulate and script user groups, create folders and grant permissions.

I’ve got there by googling the crap out of this. But this is the second lab where instructions aren’t either 1) clear or 2) make expectations which aren’t realistic giving the videos we have completed.

For example i had to learn how to clean via sudo rm -rf var/mongodb/db/

Am I missing something or am i going to have to continue my Linux journey through the power of google and trial and error?

Confused and googled out in Cheshire, England.

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Yes some knowledge of some basic Linux commands is necessary. I tried to list some of them out in this post and I’ve also fed back to the Curriculum Support Engineers to incorporate these commands into future courses.

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Hi @Mark_Pointon,

Welcome to MongoDB University Discussion forum :slight_smile:

Yes, we expect our learners to have some kind of background in Linux. We do understand that not all users come form Linux background and for that reason we are actively working on creating a short Linux tutorial for such users so that it becomes easier for them to take this course.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer.

Thanks for all your feedback. I’ve just completed the lab for altering what is a slow query into the log. I was pleased that i could complete it in a few minutes because of no Linux requirements. Made me feel not so stupid and angry. I’m happy to sample the course to see how a beginning handles it :slight_smile::slight_smile: