Are there examples of how to handle auth using Electron and the node.js SDK?

The official docs for how to integrate Realm’s node.js SDK with Electron falls short of providing a guide and/or example of how to set up an authentication flow inside of an Electron app

Context: I’m currently starting a fresh Electron, React, and Typescript project (using create-react-app as recommended in the docs) and am having trouble understanding how auth works based on the rest of the node.js docs. I’m trying to set up email/password, Google, and Apple authentication methods.

Could we use realm-web to handle authentication from a React app running in the renderer process? Should we follow the authentication guides for React Native? This is not clear to me as authentication flows within an Electron app differs a lot from a regular web app and is more similar to how a mobile app would handle it since it’s not secure to handle secrets on the client side.

As I’m completely new to Realm and Atlas App Services, I would appreciate if somebody could point me the right direction. I’ve scoured all of this forum, the Atlas App Services docs, MongoDB’s YouTube channel, GitHub, Google, and even asked ChatGPT and I’m at a loss.