Are there best practices / guidance for sync session management?

I’m particularly interested in whether the Realm Object Server will ever invalidate a session causing a user to need to re-authenticate.

I presume that this will only be possible with a network connection and therefore the user can never be “kicked off” while offline - Is this correct?

My use cases include the user wanting the app to be running in the background (it is recording and transmitting) while returning into network service at which point sync-ing would occur.

Will my app ever be confronted by an invalid session upon returning to network service? This could drastically affect this important feature of the app.

Following up. Does anyone have experience with this subject or have they encountered this scenario? It is central to my project’s design considerations but it will not be at a stage where I can test this for quite some time. I’d like to be able to see it coming, instead of crash into it.

Can anyone chip in?


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