Are there any quantity limitation(s) for Partitioned Realms

Would like to confirm that there are no limits for how many partitions can be created …

Similar to how each user has their own Realm (e.g. /~/someRealm ), which backend apps can process. I’d like to make sure it is possible to handle additional Realm partitions, that could be all users (in multiples) per partition grouping - e.g., /someRealm partitioned by userID & type (e.g. “someType_userID”). Assuming many millions of users as an example usage.

Basically, will this large addition of partitions on Realms become a problem?

@Reveel There are no limits for the amount of partitions you can create. A partition is a Realm file. The only limitation here would be the amount of available storage on a device.

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OK - Thank you!

Also, are there any performance issues (on larger quantities) to consider?

@Reveel If you mean by having many Realm files, then no.

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