Are there any other reputable places to obtain practice exams


The title says it all really :smile:. I have my exam next week and I’d like to do a few more exams, but other than the one in the practice exam I haven’t seemed to find any?

Perhaps you can look into paid platforms like Udemy or Coursera? However, it’s an Associate level exam, you should be fine without any additional practice exams.

@steevej-1495 and @Ramachandra_37567 may have other ideas.

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Sorry. But I have no certification. Yet.

Because, shame on them, it is not available for Linux. And, shame on me, the only WinLosedows machine I have does not have a webcam.

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@steevej-1495 you could use a Win(ners) 10 VM on your Li(e)nux host machine via VirtualBox (or any of the other supported virtualisation software mentioned in the link):

Dowload, unzip, import into VBox and run it (Normal mode). It’s a few steps to get the camera working. I typically use the first download link because it’s more lightweight.

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Hi @steevej-1495,

In addition to @007_jb’s reply, you can have external webcam attached, point is just to be able to seen by proctor during the exam.
I would be really excited to see you certified :star_struck:


One word. Procrastination.

Take your time :slight_smile: But whenever you will take the exam I have faith that you will do good.


I didn’t know that @kanikasingla was in the business of spying :video_camera: :female_detective:

hahaha :smiley: Spying is not in my role. Proctor would do that :wink:
I meant seeing his picture later on in the list of certified professionals.