Are short key names saving space in mongoDB?

I’m building my first back-end project, that will process a lot of data daily.
It will get all ongoing streams from Twitch API, make some processing and save detailed data into DB. From what I know already - there will be a lot of documents in some Models. Here is a question:

  • Does short keys really save some disk space?

I’m curious if I should probably make some kind of coding/decoding stage for keys, so they will be stored in database as:
a: value,
b: value,
z: value

instead of:
streamId: value,
startedAt: value,
concurrentViewers: value



Tradeoff: human readability vs storage cost/overhead

Make yourself a favour. Use readable names while you develop it will help you. Do this kind of optimization later and only if you have an issue. Early optimization is never a good idea.

Thanks for replies guys.
I will have probably like 10MIL+ documents in channels collection, lots more in streams collection. That’s why I’m looking for options that early.
Of course - I will run my app without these optimizations yet, and will check if they make sense, but I will know where to seek these optimizations now. Thanks once again