Apple Sign In | Issue with Client ID

Just follow Apple ID Authentication. But, we still can’t use sign with apple natively (IOS) and other platforms.

In Client ID, if I set App ID then IOS will work, and Android will get this error:
{"code": 47, "message": "invalid id token: 'aud' must be a string containing the client_id"}
If I set the Service ID then Android works, and IOS will get the above error.

Because apple natively is using clientId as App ID, but other is using Service ID.
And we can’t put both in the Client ID

I also found an old post, but unfortunately it’s still unresolved!

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Hi, @Ian_Ward Currently I am working on a React native project.
Can you help me with a solution to this problem?

I also refer firebase, they only require Service ID as Client Id for other platform (except apple).

I’m in need of a solution to this also. Surely there are lots of people coming across this situation when developing both native iOS and Android apps?

Do we have any solution for this, please?