App services billing and scaling

I’m starting a new app services + realm project and have a couple questions. When I purchase a dedicated cluster and go into production, do the Functions / Endpoints I create in my app services incur additional billing/compute charges? If not, does that mean then that all of the compute overhead of running Functions/Endpoints for my middleware run on the same server as my Mongo instance?

Since I’m new maybe these questions are covered somewhere but also, when I deploy Mongo on Atlas dedicated instance, does that mean there are 3 instances of Mongo running (the default redundant configuration of Mongo) and therefore Mongo actually runs on 3 separate EC2 instances? And, if so, do the functions I create run on one of those instances?

If app services Functions run on say Lambda then I would expect to see a pricing page for Functions. But, I don’t see one.

So, this is really a question about cost and also about scaling. Depending on where my Functions run / get deployed, how would I make plans on how to scale them? What if my Functions get extremely high use but my data tier / the actual Mongo activity isn’t very high relatively speaking. If I need to scale out my Functions but keep my Mongo server running on modest server, how would I do this?

If the Functions actually run on the Mongo servers themselves (which I guess they do bc I don’t see additional pricing info for Functions), I would need to purchase more Mongo instances even if all I really need is more compute capacity for my Functions layer?

Thanks, basically I’m considering Functions for nearly all of my middleware needs. I’m an experienced developer and am comfortable creating Lambda functions + API Gateway, etc. But, after learning as much as I can about Realm (which is absolutely perfect for my application) and the App Services product + node Functions, it seems as though I could just deploy nearly all of my middleware logic into App Services + Functions.

Any input greatly appreciated, thanks

Not sure how I missed this when I was reading Realm/Atlas docs but I found the pricing link here in another forum post:

So, this makes more sense. Functions/Triggers/Sync’ing/etc etc are all billed separately and therefore, scaled separately from my Atlas Mongo Cluster.

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